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We can remove any type of existing concrete topping with our state of the art concrete grinding machine and diamonds including glue, thin-set, paint, epoxy, etc.  Choose from several different grinded concrete finishes including:  30 grit (rough), 70 grit (medium rough), or 120 grit (smooth).Our proven concrete grinding process will level your concrete and prepare it for any floor topping you choose


Make the most modern, unique, and durable polished & stained concrete floor a part of your home or office. Choose from several different polished concrete finishes including but not limited to: Matte polished concrete finish (200-400),mid gloss (800 grit), high gloss (1500 grit), or super gloss (3000 grit)



Sometimes concrete is entirely to worn, soft or damaged to be polished, and we understand that more than anyone. That’s why we can offer you a brand new concrete topped floor, micro-topping, or overlayment at a fraction of the price. Our micro topping products can withstand over 5,000 lbs of pressure. That’s why they are perfect for your home or office. They can also be acid stained, or water base stained, to create the perfect masterpiece.


Our system for making countertops is proven to be the most durable method without sacrificing look or quality. Whether your space is industrial or farmhouse, our countertops are built to last. Every detail of the countertop is hand-crafted and 100% custom. We assist each client on details such as the type of edge profile, whether you want veining throughout or if you want shells, glass or stones inside. We even give choices for the final finish, from matte/satin finish all the way to a high gloss finish, the choice is yours.


The options for outdoor surfaces are endless!  Choose from a topical polish which includes acid stain and a sealer, or a micro-topping. You can even add stone patterns to the micro-topping which is called Euro tile.  Concerned about slipperiness? Don’t worry, we have you covered!  We can add a special non-slip additive that will give your new stained patio a safer texture.

Epoxy& Quartz

Your options for epoxy or quartz are endless. Whether you are looking to epoxy a residential garage or a quartz a restaurant kitchen, we have you covered.

We have solid color epoxy that gives you many color options. We also have metallic epoxy if you're looking for a marbled affect. Lastly we offer quartz when you want a unique and durable coating that will last.



Stained concrete floors are amazing enough, but you can take it beyond that. Add a unique stencil design either engraved or imprinted right on your floor that will last a lifetime. You can choose absolutely anything and we can put it in your floor. They are great on polished concrete surfaces, and can give a lasting impression on all of your clients or guest.


T.C.C.P. has a variety of tooling

options to help you remove most

residential, commercial & industrial

flooring quickly.

Our tools have been developed to remove a variety of materials with ease such as;

  • TILE






Since 2011, TCCP has provided the highest quality concrete flooring solutions to the industrial, retail, and commercial markets, and is nationally recognized as Floridas premier concrete polishing contractor.


  • Polished Concrete

  • Epoxy Coating/resinous flooring

  • Underlayments and microtoppings

  • Concrete Repair & Restorations

  • Floor Demolition

  • Floor prep

  • Concrete grinding

  • Joint filler

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