Beautiful Results

A transformation from old and damaged concrete to a shiny and colorful work of art.


Available in wide variety of colors and designs. 

Longer life-cycle

Maintains shine and luster for many years.  

Cost Savings

In some cases, less expensive then traditional flooring.

Moisture Resistant

Allows the floor to breathe while resisting stains

Easy to clean

Resist dust, dirt and allergens. Cleans easy with a microfiber wand, and no grout lines.


Microtopping overlayments are a great option to make an old, damaged or beat up concrete floor look like new.  This system is applied by troweling the micro cement on to the floor using various different techniques that create a mottled appearance.  The floor can be sanded for a smooth feel, or left to have texture, however, the unique trowel marks will always be visible.  The overlayment cement material comes in white or concrete gray, and can be colored using an integral color pack to pigment "color" the white cement.  You can also choose to have the floor stained using a waterbased stain or concrete dye.  To "polish" the floor, we use the "topical polish" technique where as we seal the microtopping floor with a sealer to protect the new finish.


Self-Level Overlayments are typically used to raise a floor at least 3/8th inch up to 1" in order to level uneven and damaged concrete floors.  They also provide the end user with a decorative concrete overlayment that is polishable.  There are many different options when choosing a self level overlayment .  You can choose from decorative aggregate which can be "seeded" into the mix like shell, or glass or other media, and color packs can be mixed into the cement in order to give it a more even and consistent colored appearance.  In some cases, clients love the natural color of self level overlayments which come in a "bone- beige" color or the natural "gray" color.  If you are looking for the "perfect" polished concrete floor, this is the floor for you!


EPOXY/URETHANE CEMENT a.k.a Cementitious urethane is a modified urethane with Portland cement, water, aggregate and other fine materials. The product was originally formulated for the food and beverage industry to handle the daily wash downs and thermal shock of the facilities. Unlike traditional concrete or cement, urethane cement is impervious to water and other chemicals. It is also a great option for any industry that requires a daily wash down and/or sterilization, such as the pharmaceutical industry. Urethane cement has double the strength of concrete and can be installed in thicknesses varying from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch, depending on the facility’s need. It is also self-leveling and can be laid as a stand-alone product or decorative quartz/flake. This coating can also be installed with additional topcoats to provide for additional wear protection or non-skid properties.


As industry leaders and professionals in our trade, we are often recognized and sought after to participate in projects that require a specific skill set.  Here are some of our clients who have benefited from our knowledge and expertise in polished concrete, and epoxy coatings.

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Since 2011, TCCP has provided the highest quality concrete flooring solutions to the industrial, retail, and commercial markets, and is nationally recognized as Floridas premier concrete polishing contractor.


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