What is Polished Concrete?


MECHANICALLY POLISHED CONCRETE: . Polished Concrete is concrete that has been treated with chemical densifier and ground with progressively finer diamond tools.  Polished concrete becomes  extremely smooth  and reaches a gloss that in inherent similar to granite and marble.  Polished concrete is known for its natural characteristics like aggregate stone and cracks that can be found after the first initial grinding step.  We use a 9-10 step grinding and concrete polishing process to obtain this highly unique floor.  To learn more about polished concrete read our “what is the process” page, which will explain each step and how we can turn average, old, or beat up concrete into a work of art. Through our intensive training, research, and education we have found the absolute best ways to make your old concrete floor look like a work of art.  Polished concrete can be acid stained or dyed virtually any color, and can offer a wide range of variations.  Treasure Coast Concrete Polishing is your clear cut choice in quality and perfection. Call us for all of your decorative concrete projects!


TOPICALLY POLISHED CONCRETE: . Topically polished floors are very unique in a way that the shine is inherently on the surface and not obtained through progressive grinding steps like mechanically polished concrete floors.  There are several ways to obtain a topically polished concrete floor… 1. By only acid washing a new or “in good condition” concrete slab, staining it with acid stain, water based stain, or dye, and then sealing it using a polyurethane coating, epoxy, solvent based, or water based sealer. 2. If there is any existing like thin-set (from tile), glue (from carpet), paint, epoxy, or anything else existing, that product must be removed by diamond grinding.  First, we will remove the concrete coating using aggressive diamond blades, then do 2 or 3 more grinds to progressively smooth the concrete surface.  These steps are an absolutely must because your are finishing the concrete.  This process will also remove most blemishes, reveal most cracks and pits, and allow us to do any necessary patch work involved in giving you an awesome stained concrete floor.  Once the concrete floor has been prepped, we then will stain your concrete floor using either acid stain, water based stain or dye.  The final step is to seal using either polyurethane, epoxy, solvent based or water based sealer.  The topical polished floor process tend to be more affordable then mechanically polished floors, but have a bit more maintenance.  Mechanically concrete polished floors retain there shine due to the progressive sanding steps, and have no topical sealer that can wear down.  On a topical polished floor, they can be more stain resistant, but again, it is a topical coating which may need re application in the future.  Treasure Coast Concrete Polishing can set up an affordable maintenance plan to make your  concrete polished floors last a lifetime.